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EMMC Dongle v1.0. 4 crack

EMMC Dongle v1.0. 4 crack

Download EMMC Dongle V1.0.4 crack:

EMMC Dongle Version (V1.0.4)

Qualcomm Read Full EMMC Dump In ADB Mode

  • _EMMC RAW DATA(Userarea)+rmpb+EXT_CSD
  • _read extended mmc card information in adb mode

Nokia Lumia Unbrick in EDL mode
more than 50 Noika Lumia model supported for unbrick

  • _Nokia Lumia Full FFU Flashing
  • _Nokia Lumia VPL Flashing
  • _Nokia Lumia SDFlash
  • _update NVI and factory reset after flash
  • _safe flash included

Supported Lumia Models For Unbrick In EDL Mode

  • Lumia_535_Dual_SIM_RM-1092
  • Lumia_1520_RM-937
  • Lumia_1520_RM-938
  • Lumia_1520_RM-939
  • Lumia_1520_RM-940
  • Lumia_435_Dual_SIM_DTV_RM-1114
  • Lumia_435_Dual_SIM_RM-1068
  • Lumia_435_Dual_SIM_RM-1069
  • Lumia_435_RM-1070
  • Lumia_435_RM-1071
  • Lumia_530_Dual_SIM_RM-1019
  • Lumia_530_Dual_SIM_RM-1020
  • Lumia_530_RM-1017
  • Lumia_530_RM-1018
  • Lumia_532_Dual_SIM RM-1032
  • Lumia_532_Dual_SIM_DTV_RM-1115
  • Lumia_532_Dual_SIM_RM-1031
  • Lumia_532_RM-1034
  • Lumia_535_Dual_SIM_RM-1090
  • Lumia_535_RM-1089
  • Lumia_535_RM-1091
  • Lumia_630_Dual_SIM RM-978
  • Lumia_630_Dual_SIM_RM-979
  • Lumia_630_RM-976
  • Lumia_630_RM-977
  • Lumia_635_RM-1078
  • Lumia_635_RM-974
  • Lumia_635_RM-975
  • Lumia_636_RM-1027
  • Lumia_638_RM-1010
  • Lumia_640 Dual_SIM_RM-1077
  • Lumia_640 XL_LTE_RM-1064
  • Lumia_640_Dual_SIM_DTV_RM-1109
  • Lumia_640_LTE_Dual_SIM_RM-1075
  • Lumia_640_LTE_Dual_SIM_RM-1113
  • Lumia_640_LTE_RM-1072
  • Lumia_640_LTE_RM-1073
  • Lumia_640_XL_Dual_SIM RM-1067
  • Lumia_640_XL_LTE RM-1062
  • Lumia_640_XL_RM-1066
  • Lumia_730_Dual_SIM_RM-1040
  • Lumia_735_RM-1038
  • Lumia_735_RM-1039
  • Lumia_735_RM-1041
  • Lumia_830_RM-1049
  • Lumia_830_RM-983
  • Lumia_830_RM-984
  • Lumia_830_RM-985
  • Lumia_930_RM-1045
  • Lumia_930_RM-1087
  • Lumia_Icon_RM-927
  • Lumia_RM-1050
  • Lumia_RM-1051
  • Lumia_RM-1052

ADDED File System Explorer

  • _userdata and image binaries Explorer and save data to pc
  • With direct access to binary file

Important to save user data (pictures & videos from user data file)

How To Setup Crack:

1. First Download Setup File Below Link
2. Install Setup File your Pc
3. Then Download Loader File Below Link
4. Then Download Keygen File Below Link 
4. Open Keygen then generate hardwareid regentration key and Paste generated key in loader key box
6. Then Copy Loader & Paste C:drive/ Programes Files/ EMMC Dongle 
5. Run Loader & Enjoy Full Activated EMMC Dongle  v1.0.4 crack

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File Information:
File Name: EMMC Dongle  v1.0.4 crack
Download Version: V1.0.4
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Compatibility: For Windows computer.

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Restrictions on Use: This software must not be decompiled, disassembled, reverse engineered or otherwise modified.

Credit ©: EMMC Dongle Team All right reserved.

Download : EMMC Dongle  v1.0.4 Latest Crack

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